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Fans of valium news Department S will agree on two things; their stay was too short, but the results were definitely sweet. Department S’ modernist approach – freely drawing on influences as wide ranging as Roxy Music, the Clash, Kraftwerk, and the nascent Mod revival – included the utilization of synths, dance percussives, creative guitar flourishes, and futuristic fashion and then served it all up with an edgy knowingness, cunning, and passion. The band were definitely “mods” in the truest sense of the word; be seen, be heard, be cool, stay one step ahead style-wise, and always, always stay firmly in the groove. A run of classic – though shockingly only mid and low-level chart entries – singles and energetic, high-profile stage appearances solidified a growing legions of fans (Smash Hits cover shots and Top of The Pops appearances didn’t hurt either) but sadly it all went pear shaped after the label (Stiff) started dicking about, terminated their contract and refused to let the newly recorded LP out of their hands for anything less than a whole heap of cash. Oh well, shit happens. Especially in the music biz! For all the lost followers who have been pining for a hot new collection of the band’s recorded legacy what we now have here is the all the singles and their b-sides (no foreign versions though), some killer live tracks showing just how good these guys really were, and a rare unreleased demo track in “Another Route Home.” Y’know they can tout all the rubbish of the 80s they want on their “Lost 80s Weekends” and all that kind of crap but Department S fans know who the real heroes of the 80s were. Vic is here!

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