Live Review: Rewind Easter Fest

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British DEPARTMENT S formed in 1980 and took the inspiration for their name of a TV series of the same title. Subsequently to making their live debut, the first single ‘Is Vic There?’ came out in 1980. Around the same month of releasing that single, the band recorded one of the famous sessions for deceased John Peel. The second single ‘Going Left Right’ didn’t reach the success of its predecessor. Differences led to them being dropped by their label. The debut album done by the time called ‘Sub-Stance’ didn’t come out before 20 years had passed in 2003. Sadly, vocalist Vaughan Toulouse wouldn’t be there anymore to witness the release. He passed away already in 1991 due to AIDS-related causes. In 2007, they recorded their first new single in decades, followed up by a second one called ‘Wonderful Day’, which is the newest one to date.

It is a while ago that we’ve seen British DEPARTMENT S performing live for the first time around at another Belgian festival. They represent the post-punkish fraction which I personally am quite a fan of actually. Singer Eddie Roxy is quite the opposite of what you might call the usual crowd entertainer from next door. AT first, that is, for the first few songs, he performs them without too much movement. Tapping a little to the beats was the most you could get to see then. Then, just as if somebody’s turned a switch, he started dancing a lot like the last minutes never happened. One of their, if not THE, biggest hit of the band ‘Is Vic There?’ was placed almost at the end of the band’s setlist. But actually that was no bother at all. The band easily managed to entertain the crowd, and even I liked it a lot more than at the time I first saw them. Perhaps, the lack of sleep at the time did his fair share in marring my first live show with the band a few years back.


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