Mr Nutley’s Strange Delusionarium – 8/10 Punks Reunited Review

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Track 1
Clap Now…Opens the funfair theme and cockney voice Intro Powerful guitars appear and a jolly lead with a touch of funk rolls into a rhythmic funky cruse. The vocals are slightly reminiscent of Jello Biafra in places A melodic voice and a great opening song, which features a strong drum beat and the bass is flowing with energetic consistency.

Track 2
Monte Carlo or Bust…A upbeat track here, with a great feel similar to something the Fall might be proud to play, however I am not suggesting they sound like the fore mentioned.

Track 3
Coo Ca Choo…Yes folks it could only be a cover with a title like this…This version isn’t bad actually It’s more in touch with how it would fit in with a modern twist to it, as it’s missing the Elvis impersonation. I like this album so far.

Track 4
Age Concern…Is more up my street in terms of vocals and being a singer myself. Eddies voice suits this tune perfectly. The bass is very dominant and the guitars are slightly of a ska nature. I like the production of this, a mixture of punk Reggae and funk all rolled into one, highly original.

Track 5
Ode to Koln…A voice of a news reader intro followed by a distant guitar.Enter a reggae bass and drumbeat to create a great melodic tune and a powerful clear vocal. A moody tune with a nice production. So far this is my fav song with some lovely guitar and Drum work.

Track 6
Wonderful Day…Enter the percussion /bongo Guitars and a strong rhythm section burst in to hit us with a catchy pop song equally as good as their hit from the 80s Is Vic There, though has a more 60s feel to it .It has a nice combo of power and pleasantry to it, definitely one for the jukebox.

Track 7
Going Left Right…I remember this song from Rebellion festival 2010 when the lads performed a memorable gig after an absence for a number of years. This song has a great simplicity to it, a strong bass and the guitar twists are quite impressive By Michael D Herbage. Great stuff this.

Track 8
Is Vic There…Well what can I say about this song that we don’t already know, except that this version is probably even better than the original one. Superb vocal and guitar work. An all round Gem.

Track 9
Positive mention from a radio presenter intro I Want…Another pop song with a great catchy happy feel, If you like to feel good when you hear music then play this, again I can hear many influences from the 60s and the 70s coming out in this, Oh hang on there’s a 50s guitar too followed by a more up to date one.

Track 10
Slave…Vocal sounds great on the intro, upbeat musically I hear THE stones somewhere in there, I guess this cd has it all…Well for all its worth, A thumbs up from me.

Definitely a band that doesn’t visit the recording studio enough.
The beat and guitar work is superb, love this album !!
Go and buy it.


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