Hi......this year has started with a bang. Lots of gigs and a video for WHEN ALL IS SAID AND ALL IS DONE.

It was great to do our first tour of Germany, people have been telling us we must get out there as it's a great scene....they are right and hopefully we will be back soon

Got some great shows coming up...Nambuka London, Phoenix Woking (with Tenpole and Eddie & the Hotrods to raise money for a 900 people venue in Woking) Underworld with Chelsea and Harpenden with the legendary Ian Hunter & the Rant Band

Also got a few festivals....Hertals in Belgium, Strummer Camp, Alice's Wicked Tea Party in Dorset, Byline in Sussex, Mayhem@Mick's, Unholy Messtival in Coalville and Rebellion in Blackpool
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Late September will see us release a singles LP.....45 Revolutions....taking us from 1980 to 2016 in one album

There is talk of both 45 Revolutions and When All Is Said And All Is Done being released on vinyl as well!

Love on ya........The Lost Follower