Sad news was the passing of Overend Watts on Sunday 22 Jan 2017. He was the producer of our single IS VIC THERE? along with his Mott the Hoople cohort Buffin. On the 22nd we were in a very trendy loft apartment filming a video for WHEN ALL IS SAID AND ALL IS DONE....whilst waiting between shots we played an LP on the record player left on the turn table from the previous night's was Mott the Hoople's Greatest Hits.....

2017 is dates are going to be on this site as they are arranged so look at the ticker and the live page for details.....year kicks off in Brighton......German tour in loads more. We are just about to go in to the rehearsal rooms putting together our new 2017 show and to start work on the new 4th Department S LP which has yet to be named. We are hoping to get a video shot for WHEN ALL IS SAID single very soon, only our 2nd film to accompany a song.
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2016 was a great year, the album WHEN ALL IS SAID AND ALL IS DONE has been very well received. A number of different tracks have had radio play and everyone seems to have a different favourite which is great. We had some great gigs last year with The Ruts DC, The Vapors, Toyah, Spizz, Ed Tenpole Tudor, Klammer, Swamp Delta, 999, Hi Fi Spitfires to name a a few festivals around the country

2017 "might" see the release of a SINGLES album of which there have been 10 since we released our first song......

Get in contact via this site if you need anything from us

Love on ya........The Lost Follower